Debut Novel The Fear of Flying Club

Four aerophobes, one hapless instructor, and two novice assistants : Meet the Fear of Flying Club.

About The Book

Frannie is afraid to tell his employers that he can’t fly. Rachel’s chronically ill five-year-old daughter wants to go to Disneyland. Eighteen-year-old Jalil cannot miss his mates’ trip to Kavos. Urban Phantoms rockstar-frontman McKenzie is running out of excuses: if he misses the flight to the next gig, he’s out of the band.

Led by empathetically-challenged Hugh and his hippy assistant, Petal, our heroes (trust me, they’re heroes) turn their fears inside-out and discover something wonderful about human nature.

Angela Roberts

Angela Roberts was born and educated on the Isle of Man (I’ll help you out – it’s the one in the middle, nowhere near Isle of Wight!) before gaining a degree in French and business studies.

After an eight year career in marketing, she swapped the glitz and glamour of international travel for a keyboard and a classroom, dividing her time between teaching French and writing novels.

Her island upbringing has influenced her writing in many ways, none more so than with her first published novel The Fear of Flying Club (apparently being an aerophobe when you live on tiny rock in the middle of the Irish Sea is not particularly convenient).

In addition to writing novels, Angela enjoys writing lifestyle articles and short stories (one of which ironically won her two return flights to Paris).


Aerophobia – My Life in Missed Flights

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that I became terrified of flying, but I can remember distinctly the first time my phobia turned our travel plans upside down. It was 12th March 2004, the day after the Madrid bombings. We were due to travel to Madrid for the weekend,...

My First Novel

It’s actually happening. I’m going to have a book published. The Fear of Flying Club is in a state of metamorphosis. No longer a virtual hungry caterpillar, cocooned in the refuge of my laptop, in a matter of months it will be spreading its wings and fending for itself in the big wide world.

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